One World - An Exhibition of Recent Work  at Nicolls Glasgow             18th - 24th November 2021

All works in this series can be viewed online in the One World gallery III.


’Soul and Cell’ - A text essay by  Rosalind Blake

‘Call to Ritual’ - An audio-visual screening by Gabby Biazotti







Sunday Post 

 Artist’s Statement - Recent Work     October 2021 


In this recent One World Series of painted collages I have used acrylic paint which has offered me greater freedom and fluidity; often concentrating on individual pigments and hues in order to explore their essential nature.

I began these new works by painting individual sheets of paper, working on them until each sheet was transformed and resonant with different intensities and qualities of pigment. When the painted paper had accumulated and this process felt complete I often left them sitting for days, weeks or months before starting to cut into them. I did not pre-design or conceive of final images, instead I focused my attention on cutting and feeling my way around the sheet. Almost unconsciously I was cutting in relation to the image on the sheet and a few millimetres this way or that changed everything; clear decisions were made, and inevitably as the final shapes came together relationships and compositions felt unequivocal.  

I welcomed the part chance played in this work; in the painting process, the freely cut shapes and the way that the final images and series of works were completed. 

Elements such as the circle, fish, and simple boat shapes which appeared have often been present in my work. I sometimes find myself drawn to interpretation of the images and stories that emerge in the painting process, yet I prefer to allow the final works themselves to exist in a world without words, and for the viewer to come to them without any given interpretation. 


​Painted Collaged Bangles 

I have worked on a series of ‘One World’ painted collaged bangles alongside the ‘One World’ paintings. There is a direct relationship between both ways of working and I have thought of the bangles as circular artworks created intuitively as I work my way around the circular form.



Two collaborations accompany this exhibition: 'Call to Ritual', an audio-visual screening by

sound designer Gabriella Biazotti, and ‘Soul and Cell', a text by artist and academic Rosalind Blake. 


Gabby, Rosalind and I met together via zoom during lockdown to share and exchange ideas and inspirations relating to the One Word paintings which I was making at the time. 


These collaborative works are Gabby and Rosalind’s personal responses to the themes that emerged. 


Sue Barclay   October 2021