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Lessons and Workshops


​Cost of a lesson:

​1 hour individual session  £50


 Group workshops are individually priced.

If you would like to book a lesson please contact Sue . 



Yoga is a holistic system of self-development suitable for anyone wishing to improve their general health and well-being.

​Sue studied yoga with various noted teachers, including Ernest Coats and Sophie Hoare. Her training in the Alexander Technique informs her own teaching, and she tailors her approach to each individual student. 

Sue is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. She believes that Yoga and it's many benefits can be enjoyed by people of any age or level of fitness.



Benefits people often experience include:

Increased fitness and flexibility at any age 

A calmer and clearer mind 

More energy 

Increased emotional stability and regulation 

Better sleep



​"Sue's manner of teaching Yoga is both joyful & challenging. I look forward to her classes every week & cannot recommend them highly enough . She has the ability to be inspirational, warm, precise & technical. One year ago, I had been suffering from labyrinthitis and on the advice of my friend I decided to try Sues classes & after a few weeks, I began to feel so much better, my energy levels are higher, I sleep better and no more labyrinthitis!! I am so grateful to Sue."    Ruby


​​"Sue’s yoga is a breath of fresh air for both body and soul. It is uplifting, energising and yet gentle. Her expertise allows you to develop strength and push boundaries in a supportive and mindful way. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough."    Nikky


​​“I began to work Individually with Sue at the beginning of lockdown . We agreed 30 minute yoga session on zoom once each week, and it has been a life saver for me. Sue’s approach suits me perfectly. She has offered an introduction to yoga and built up both standing and floor exercises over the weeks we have worked together. I have benefitted in a way that I did not imagine would happen , feeling more flexibility and much better posture. Sue is an encouraging teacher and has adapted her work to suit my needs, relating the work to me rather than having an expectation that I fit in with set ideas. I wholeheartedly recommend her."   Eileen


​“A treat for body and soul. I started doing one to one yoga sessions with Sue a few weeks ago. She is calm, gentle and lovely! Her teaching method is very natural and intuitive, working to my particular needs which might vary from one week to the next. For the first time I now feel able to do my own practice at home during the week which is helpful on so many levels, especially during these crazy Corona times...It's wonderful to have a class in the comfort of home - not rushing about and driving miles to class, then finding parking and always being late?! At the start of a session I sometimes find myself feeling 'stiff and stale', but always end feeling calm, at a place of ease, energised and ready to embrace the day ahead. Thank you Sue !   Claire


​"I have always been interested in sports from a young age and I tried yoga a few times to increase my flexibility but it never really stuck until I met Sue. She is a highly skilled, perceptive and genuinely empathetic person. I have had so much fun learning about myself and my body during her classes and learned that everything and anything is possible when you just think about it. Yoga has changed my mental health for the better and I am so grateful to Sue for that."    Anna


​"Over a year ago I experienced the most excruciating neck and nerve pain down my right arm later diagnosed as ‘spondylosis’. After many treatments with a chiropractor costing huge sums of money nothing had improved. I knew Sue Barclay well and embarked on one-to-one sessions with her for the Alexander Technique. This has been a life changing experience for me and I now use the technique on a daily basis – what I have been taught never leaves my mind. I think about how I walk, how I sit, how I use the computer – it has become part of my everyday life in fact you could say ‘a way of life’ . My neck pain has gone and my posture much improved. During the sessions Sue suggested I might try a little yoga. I have been learning slowly at my pace and it has been an eye opener for me. I had no idea I could achieve what I have. I am fitter and more supple ( making use of these neglected muscles ) and it is great for your mental well-being. I love it. Sue is an inspirational teacher and I would recommend her to anyone."    Elly 

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