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Fine Art Giclee Prints

The following works are available as Giclee Prints:

One World Series - limited Edition Giclee prints

Night Sun - Limited Edition Giclee prints 


Prices of prints:

Small   Up to 35 x 25cm      £60

Medium  Up to 51 x 37cm  £95

Large   Up to 70 x 51cm     £120 

*Prices do not including postage and packing. 

*All prints are signed by the artist, and come with a signed certification of Authenticiy 


Painted-Collage Bangles 

Go to the Painted-Collage Bangle Gallery to view available bangles 


Small bangles           £95

Large bangles           £165

*Prices do not including postage and packing 

To purchase or enquire about buying a Giclee Print, a painted-collage bangle, or an original painted-collage or painting

please contact Sue using the contact Sue.





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