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One World - Painted collaged Bangles 

Acrylic on paper and wood, varnished.

Signed by the artist on the inside of the bangle. 

The frieze-like artwork on the bangles changes continually around

the form.

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I spend a lot of time painting on paper before starting to work on the bangles.. The shapes which I cut out of my painted paper are collaged on to the wooden bangles; sometimes narrative elements are woven in; moon and fish-like forms, shapes of bridges, boats and other circular forms appear. 

This work goes at its own pace and sometimes I’ll keep going back to a bangle to add more elements over a period of weeks or months until the bangle seems complete. Finally the bangles are finished with 5- 6 layers of acrylic water resistant archival acrylic varnish to protect them when worn."

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