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Past Work - click on an image to see a few more.


As a child I loved to draw family, friends and animals close to me. I also liked making things out of paper and fabric.


I went to art school where I drew from the figure, and explored different aspects of painting.



After art school I moved away from figurative painting towards more abstract images that explored the play between movement and stillness, and darkness and light.

6 (2).jpg

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When my children were young for some years I worked as a portrait painter. 

​My daughter and son often became the subject matter for my work. 

Sea Boy.jpg
art angel 5.jpg
Blue Sky at Machrins.jpg
29 10in small.jpg

Moving from London back to Scotland in 1995 I started to paint seascapes inspired by holidays on the west coast of Scotland. 


Living and working in Glasgow I was inspired to paint streets and parks I knew well. 


I focused on abstract themes for an exhibition in 2014. 

DSC_3724 - Version 2.jpg
Untitled5 A.jpg

After this I largely took a break from making art for about 6 years. 

In 2020 I started working on paper using watercolour and acrylics paint and making the painted collages featured on this website.

More recently I am also painting on canvas and wooden panels. 

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